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Jasper Van Den Ende
Photography Bachelor

Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

Specialisms: Photography / Lighting / Fine Art

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

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Jasper Van Den Ende

Jasper Van Den Ende ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jasper

Last Name: Van Den Ende

Specialisms: Photography / Lighting / Fine Art

Sectors: / Product / Architecture / Interiors

My Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

University / College: Wdka Willem De Kooning Academy

Course / Program Title: Photography Bachelor


Jasper van den Ende (NL) is a lens-based visual artist whose in-depth engagement with light explores the urban urgencies of contemporary living in an energy conscious age. With a fascination for the contrast between the highly adaptable qualities of the human eye and the objective characteristics of the ‘photo-eye’, his recent work Exposure Value ZER0̷ expresses his rumination on extravagant night lighting.. His aim is to explore the five most light saturated cities (Tokyo, New York City, Cairo, New Delhi, and Hong Kong) in the upcoming five years to deepen his research on artificial night lighting and build an archive for the public and decision makers. In doing so, his works also shed light on the limits of visibility and representation through photographic media.

The human-eye adapts to lighting levels from which our ability to see depends. While simultaneously, this essential adaptability is making us ‘blind’ to see the actual brightness of artificial light sources. Exposure Value ZER0̷ is a research-based method and photographic exploration to unravel and map the imperceptible brightness in urban areas. The work exposes the most heavy illuminated places in Paris and London and is reflecting on the practice of (photographic) light metering and the notion of the 'over-exposed' image. Far from simply producing a clear-eyed copy of reality, these images are something closer to a qualitative expression of light— discovered rather than created.