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Kevin Chellakudam
MA interior architecture

HEAD – Genève

Specialisms: Interior Architecture / Architecture / Modelmaking

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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HEAD – Genève

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Kevin Chellakudam

Kevin Chellakudam ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Kevin

Last Name: Chellakudam

Specialisms: Interior Architecture / Architecture / Modelmaking


My Location: Zurich, Switzerland

University / College: HEAD – Genève

Course / Program Title: MA interior architecture


Kevin Chellakduam is a Swiss - Indian interior architect. He views interior design in its larger context. In his design interventions, he considers issues related to architectural language, urban identity versus local identity, and place-making.

In my capacity as a socially engaged Interior Architect, I believe in addressing global issues with ethical design interventions that balance tradition while enabling modern technologies to thrive.

« Vitalising Watertanks » is an alternative solution offered to the government to create social housing for slums. Located in Kaloor, India, it aims to inhabit the empty part of the structure that supports a working water tank, while encouraging construction in dialogue with the community, bringing them closer and reducing labour costs. The goal is to design self-sustained modular pods with a variety of compositions, while still respecting local dynamics and culture. These pods explore the concept of prototype and modular construction to create public or private spaces. The modularity of the project fosters a manual and adaptable approach to grant residents the ability to construct living units that can be adjusted to the size of the family. The project can be adapted to other water tanks around the state of Kerala, India, creating more social housing. It aims to reduce slums and revive water canals, maintaining flexibility and practicality for the users while balancing the cost and the residents’ needs.