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Lilach Porges
Fashion Design MFA

Fashion Institute of Technology FIT

Specialisms: Fashion Technology / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Womenswear

Location: New York, United States

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Fashion Institute of Technology FIT

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Lilach Porges

Lilach Porges ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Lilach

Last Name: Porges

Specialisms: Fashion Technology / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Womenswear


My Location: New York, United States

University / College: Fashion Institute of Technology FIT

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design MFA


Lilach Porges is an Israeli fashion designer with an academic background in architecture. She uses parametric design methods to create textiles and garments. Lilach wishes to combine fashion with technology and to research more sustainable production methods to create the fashion of the future. Her work centers around developing innovative methods for 3D printed garments with robotic arms, exploring architectonic shapes with the ambition to bring the worlds of science, engineering, and fashion together to empower women.

"DRESS_CODE" focuses on the merger between technology and fashion. It combines looks that were 3D printed by a robotic arm through three methods: Random, Accurate, and Large-Scale with sustainable materials. Inspired by software engineering, the collection explores the aesthetics of the abilities and limitations of this technology. The thesis compares traditional methods, such as pattern making and fabric sewing, to 3D printing by hand and by a robot, where software becomes art and is translated into wearable objects.

HerTech is a ready-to-wear fashion collection tailored for women in tech. Emphasizing comfort and confidence, the collection seamlessly blends style and functionality for the modern professional. From sleek silhouettes and bold lines to versatile pieces accommodating various life stages, HerTech is designed to empower women to stand out in male-dominated workplaces. With a unique tech-inspired print and warm yet stylish cardigans addressing the cool office environment, this collection is a statement of empowerment, celebrating the strength and resilience of women who fearlessly navigate the dynamic world of technology.

When you imagine what fashion school will be like, you do not imagine yourself opening up a computer and taking its pieces out. Cleaning the dust away. Examining the colors of the cables and the texture of the tin. As someone who never fixed a computer or built one myself, everything I found there was a surprise. Those pieces of electricity and the connections between them were my inspiration for this project. Different kinds of cables were used as materials to create a top and to close the skirt.

"The Outsiders" is a fashion collection that celebrates the beauty of embracing diversity and individuality. In a world where accepting ourselves and others includes acknowledging the exceptional, this collection draws inspiration from real extraordinary individuals—those born with a unique "disease" of color and shape. The vibrant colors and diverse shapes in the collection serve as a metaphor for the uniqueness of people. "The Outsiders" challenges conventional beauty standards, urging us to focus on the extraordinary beauty within, rather than any perceived differences. Let this collection be a visual testament to the magnificence found in embracing the exceptional and appreciating the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that make each person truly unique.

I draw inspiration from my travels all around the world. I have been to many places, including Mexico, China, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Germany and more. This collection captures the essence of my wanderlust, translating the intricate details of architectural marvels and cultural nuances into a wearable narrative that transcends borders and bridges the gap between diverse societies.