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Saskia Kahn
Fashion BA Hons

MICA Maryland Institute College of Art

Specialisms: Photography

Location: Baltimore, United States

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MICA Maryland Institute College of Art

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Saskia Kahn

Saskia Kahn ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Saskia

Last Name: Kahn

Specialisms: Photography

Sectors: / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Baltimore, United States

University / College: MICA Maryland Institute College of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


I grew up in “South Brooklyn,” New York, near Coney Island, and was a photo kid who came of age in public school darkrooms. Photography has been a constant in my life, and I have worked as a professional photographer in New York City for the last decade. My work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Entertainment Weekly, and The New York Times, among others. In my practice, I am interested in where social concerns and photography intersect and have developed methods to collaborate with populations I document. I also run free photography workshops locally and abroad via remote teaching. I recently relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, where I received my Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Media, and Society. I am currently a regular contributor to BmoreArt magazine and produce, photograph, and write photo essays highlighting arts and culture in Baltimore, specifically within the realm of performing arts.

skatepark baltimore



Skatepark Baltimore is a collaborative photo project about a self-created youth community that grew to make a Baltimore skateboard park a more inclusive space. Skaters who felt uncomfortable using the park alone realized the need to work cooperatively in order to claim this space as safe—particularly those who identified as transgender, gender-nonconforming, Black-femme, women, and/or queer. The portraits in Skatepark Baltimore celebrate the young people who fight for their access to joy. This art project also uses the social-work methodology of Photovoice, which uses photography to spark conversation around social issues. I began this series of photographs in July 2020 because I wanted to know how the first city in the United States that had legislated for segregated housing was now hosting one of the most inclusive spaces I had ever observed. Slowly, throughout making photographs, interviews, and following the community on social media, I learned safety within this open space came from sustained efforts of solidarity among peers and friends who recognized the shared need for protection. Queerskate Baltimore, Solidarity Skateboards, and Honey Shred are three collectives that formed to plan to show up at the park together. Though there are other skaters who don't identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in my project, the people I chose to focus on were individuals who, in some way, resist exclusion from the mainstream culture of skateboarding.