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Se Jin Park
Fashion BA Hons

Edinburgh College of Art

Specialisms: Film / Art Direction / Creative Writing

Location: Seoul, South Korea

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Edinburgh College of Art

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Se Jin Park

Se Jin Park ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Se Jin

Last Name: Park

Specialisms: Film / Art Direction / Creative Writing

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Seoul, South Korea

University / College: Edinburgh College of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


Born in Korea and growing up in Korea and China, Se Jin is a filmmaker currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is in her final year of study at the University of Edinburgh. She has always been a daydreamer absorbed in stories. A variety of short films she wrote and directed explore inner emotions through the enchantment of magical elements – ranging from a heart-warming fairy tale about dementia to a witty narrative of a lonely girl ‘baking’ a new world. She has also worked on various award-winning student short films in different roles ranging from production designer to camera assistant. Having lived in three different countries, her cultural sensitivity and language skills enabled her to work on global projects including YouTube Originals Creator Spotlights. She has a handful of professional experiences - she worked as a development intern at Paper Barn Studios and as a script supervisor and a production coordinator at Luminous Seoul. She loves animals, including the magical and fantasy ones. As a firm believer of magic, she is still hoping she can encounter the Loch Ness Monster or a unicorn!

'Nighty Night, Dear' is a playful fantasy short film about a girl learning to deal with self- downing and jealousy. Synopsis: A grumpy girl in her early twenties called Koko suffers from insomnia as she collects and relives her embarrassing moments each day using a magical memory machine. One night, being jealous of other people having a good night's sleep, Koko decides to disturb a little boy's (Josh) sleep. She collects Josh's memories and makes him recall his own embarrassing moments, but things don't go according to her plan.